The Studio

Our sunny, second-story studio is a fully equipped Pilates studio, offering reformer, chair, pole and mat classes, as well as private and duet sessions. And a bird’s-eye view of Lyons!



The reformer is the most commonly used Pilates equipment for group classes. The reformer consists of moving carriage, straps, springs, footbar and shoulder blocks, all housed in a wood frame into a relatively sleek piece of equipment.

The versatile Pilates reformer can offer a great support and a great learning environment for beginners and for those who are recovering from injuries. It also offers challenge, building strength, balance and flexibility through an overall workout for athletes who want to work hard.  



The chair is considered to be the most challenging piece of Pilates equipment. Compared to the reformer, it is much smaller and therefore doesn’t offer as much support. Lots of exercises are done standing on one leg, requiring a great balance with leg and core strength. The chair is also a wonderful tool to stabilize and strengthen the shoulders, improving mobility and functional movements such as standing, climbing, pushing and lifting. It consist of a seat and paddle with springs, a fairly simple piece of equipment that dynamically trains the body in many different ways.



The Pilates Cadillac takes our classic mat exercises and adds springs for support and challenge. Also called the trapeze table, the cadillac was developed in the mid 50's - early 60's. Joseph Pilates, the creator of the Pilates method, made all of his creations in the basement of his building. When he brought it up into the studio, one client saw the table and said "Hey Joe, is that your new Cadillac?" and the name stuck. Joe possibly got the idea of this table after working with Eve Gentry, one of his clients, in the hospital after her mastectomy. Another theory is that the trapeze came from his father's days as an amateur gymnast or his original gymnastic clientele.

Exercises on the Cadillac aim for opening and flexibility, helping to develop long, lean muscles.