What People Are Saying

“Martina has gone above-and-beyond in being helpful and knowledgeable with my physical issues. Her enthusiasm, compassion, and love of helping people comes through in every class I’ve had with her, whether in a group or private session. I trust her completely.”

— Patricia Appelfeller

“Martina Mason is a holistically minded instructor who happens also to be a trained & knowledgeable professional physical therapist. She cares personally about each client’s individual progress, is deeply passionate about what she does. We are fortunate enough to have her right here in Lyons teaching Pilates.”

— C. Chrystal DeCoster

“I always thought I was strong after rock climbing intensively for 20 years. But after doing Pilates with Martina, I realized I haven’t even been using half the muscles in my body! I’m really enjoying getting to know my body on new, intimate levels. My climbing is improving, along with my general posture and balance.”

— Lizzy Scully

 “Practicing Pilates has helped me move in my body optimally so I can continue to enjoy the sports I love. Plus, the community at Pilates of Lyons makes it a whole lot of fun.”

— Steve Szymanski

“There are a million therapists, personal trainers and fitness gurus in Boulder County to choose from. I’ve yet to meet one with the knowledge and expertise of anatomy, physiology and body mechanics/movement that Martina Mason brings to her practice and that’s less than half of what you get. Her acute observations of all your mechanics and movements, accompanied with an endless enthusiasm and upbeat demeanor throughout your sessions are quite remarkable. All done with a genuine caring for your well being.

My story was that I had broken my pelvis in three places after an ill-advised fall off my horse. I had gone through the traditional pool and gym therapies to no avail. I was at a complete loss as to how to remediate and fix the lingering groin pain and lack of functional movement without discomfort. I had no clue as to how to remediate a damaged pelvis/groin.

Martina carefully designed a program specific to my injury, physical condition and needs after a comprehensive  and thoughtful interview. Needless to say, in about 5 weeks of personal sessions I made huge progress in all areas : range of motion, flexibility, strength and most importantly the elimination of my pre-existing pain/discomfort. Simply put, I would give her the highest of possible recommendations for whatever ails you or those fitness goals that are unique to you and your lifestyle.”

— Tom Brome