“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”
-Joseph Pilates

Pilates of Lyons opened its doors in 2006. Since then, we have enjoyed sharing our passion for Pilates with many Lyons and surrounding area residents. Our instructors – Martina Mason, Jimi Klopson, Sue Lee, and Helen Stacey – are long time and ongoing practitioners of Pilates with many years of teaching experience.

Please join us as we strive to help you find a path to healthier and happier living!


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440 Main Street, # 1,
Lyons, CO 80540
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What is Pilates?

Developed more than ninety years ago, Pilates creates a healthy mind in a healthy body. Pilates is a form of whole body conditioning that dramatically improves strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, dynamics, coordination and posture. Pilates helps you to enhance your performance by targeting your body’s deeper stabilizing muscles, connecting the center with upper and lower musculature. It is not just a solid workout. Pilates is a way of living. It enhances and complements your daily activities, whether sitting at your desk or running a marathon. It helps you to look better, perform better, and, above all, feel better.


"Practicing Pilates has helped me move in my body optimally so I can continue to enjoy the sports I love. Plus, the community at Pilates of Lyons makes it a whole lot of fun." -Steve Szymanski

"Martina has gone above-and-beyond in being helpful and knowledgeable with my physical issues. Her enthusiasm, compassion, and love of helping people comes through in every class I've had with her, whether in a group or private session. I trust her completely." -Patricia Appelfeller

"Martina Mason is a holistically minded instructor who happens also to be a trained & knowledgeable professional physical therapist. She cares personally about each client's individual progress, is deeply passionate about what she does. We are fortunate enough to have her right here in Lyons teaching Pilates." -C. Chrystal DeCoster